Take Action to Make Change Happen!

Here are key questions to ask when seeking for a change: Are you really ready to change? Or, is it something you “kind of” want to do?
Many people want to make a change in their life to reach their goals or change their lifestyle but not everyone is willing to follow-through because real change requires hard work, consistency, determination, self-compassion, and patience.
Recently, I read an article online from Creative Magazine, about an article that talks about Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s sharing the secret that most personal-growth experts fail. Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim shares, “But what isn’t talked about enough is the hard work you must still do, beyond “just” changing your outlook. Learning to create a visualization of the life you dream of – what I call “future memories” – opens the door. You still need to take positive action to walk through that door to reach your goals.”
She also talked about setting realistic goals to make change happen. You can read some of the exam…

Improving Minecraft Graphic Experience with Shaders Mod

You must be really annoyed with your Minecraft game graphic which looks awful and not realistic at all. Today is no longer the era of low-quality graphic on each game you play. You can see there are a lot of games that have better graphics with some cool effects. If you are playing Minecraft and need to improve the graphic, then it is your lucky day because you can still have it. You only need the minecraft mod called the, “Shaders Mod” which will add a lot of nice features to make your Minecraft graphic look better. It is really boring to see unrealistic images that you see on your Minecraft game. But, you do not need to worry anymore because you can use GLSL Shaders mod to improve the graphic quality with some great features. The people did not care about the graphic quality when Minecraft game was firstly released because they thought it had a good graphic. However, the people today think that Minecraft is too traditional and the graphic is not so good. All of the Minecraft lovers w…